When can I expect my order to ship?

Every item in the shop is handmade by me, so please allow up to two weeks for clay pieces and jewelry, and between 6-8 weeks for custom pants and tote bags.


I put the wrong address, what can you do? 

- PLEASE be sure to enter your correct current address. I cannot guarantee I will see a followup email about changing your address prior to shipping it out. Once the package is in the mail, it is no longer in my hands but the hands of the Post Office. Any delivery issues can be taken care of with the PO. 


Should I list brands or just general food items?

- You can be as specific or vague as you would like! From "cento, pellegrino, botticelli" to just "all things italian". And if you have your own photo references, that's even better! I love the personal touch of a specific meal you ate on your favorite road trip!


Can I return my pants if they don't fit?

- Because each piece is custom, I cannot accept returns. A lot of time and care goes into each piece to make sure they feel special to the person who they are for. Please make sure you have the correct size before placing your order. And when in doubt, size up - these pants look super cool a bit oversized anyway!


Do you only draw food?

- As of right now, yes.


Why the heck do I want food pants, anyway?!

- They're super unique! Every pair is 1/1 and made with love, just like your secret family recipe.


What pants do you use?

- Dickies Mens Painters pants.


How do I know my size?

- Here is a lil size chart for you!